For family offices

Family offices have been asking us for a single electronic platform that will allow them to consolidate all their portfolios and cash holdings in one place. MATware can now deliver this critical overview, linking it with cutting-edge transactional capabilities.

electronic dealing of subscriptions, redemptions and transfers

a dynamic and total overview of portfolio liquidity with unprecedented multi-user access-controlled portfolio functionality

model hypothetical liquidity scenarios for stress testing

analyse exposure, performance and attribution

rely on and monitor precise fund information, including 60 types of reports

manage hybrid portfolios using a single interface

The definitive fund management solution for the family office

Family offices face the rising challenge of finding an effective and integrated solution for their portfolio management needs. MATware is that solution. If you are in search of a more accurate picture of your alternative investment portfolios, you can now have an out of the box, sophisticated and web-based platform at your fingertips. MATware is the only technology application of its kind currently available that offers the critical management and oversight of multi-asset portfolios via a single interface.

MATware links you directly to the fund’s service providers and to your custodian(s), providing you with the mission critical data surrounding your fund holdings, including vital liquidity and transaction analyses. You can even view your hedge fund holdings side-by-side with private equity, real estate and listed securities. And this can all be achieved on a single platform, for a more complete picture of your underlying investments.

MATware is instrument neutral: it can handle hedge funds, multi-tiered structures, equities, ETFs, long only funds, limited partnership interests, private equity and commitment management. It also supports unitised and non-unitised structures.

You can also view fund documentation via our document library, intuitively integrated within MATware, and serving up the appropriate documents at the right points within the transaction or analysis process.

No installation is required. Access is easy, via our secure web interface.

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