For fund investors

MATware now addresses many of the risk management concerns institutional investors voice about their alternative investment portfolios. It delivers position level liquidity-based analysis of all underlying funds for a more complete risk picture.

keep track of critical pricing and liquidity scenarios within alternatives investment portfolios

NAVs delivered speedily via a secure electronic interface

manage hybrid portfolios from a single interface

generate customised online enquiries and reports

Setting a new standard for investor oversight and liquidity analysis

Award-winning MATware has proved its worth in the fund of funds industry. Now it is available for investors allocating directly to alternative investments. MATware is the only technology platform of its kind to provide detailed transaction-based analysis of portfolios comprised of offshore funds and limited partnerships, including managed accounts, ETFs, hedge funds, private equity and multi-tiered structures.

Responding to requests from institutional allocators to alternative investments, MATware has now configured for use by investors keen to transform the way they manage investment portfolios. Readily accessible via web-based architecture, it can be quickly rolled out across an organisation with tiered levels of secure user access.

View full position analysis, including a top-to-bottom investor view. Synchronise essential data from multiple sources into a single database, including pending and completed trades. Collate multiple portfolios, generate summaries, and drill down for individual position-level analysis and documentation review. In short, build an unprecedented picture of your investment holdings, supported by a revolutionary transactional engine.

With MATware for investors, data and documents are fully integrated into a single cohesive display, providing a detailed overview of portfolio holdings and underlying data straight from the fund administrators.

MATware: the trusted source of liquidity data for fund investors. Contact us to discuss your requirements.