How can alternative fund operations meet the new regulatory challenge?

October 21st, 2014 Posted by Opinion 0 comments on “How can alternative fund operations meet the new regulatory challenge?”

Technology can help to address the risks of reporting failures

The alternative investments industry has now woken up to the new world order of increased regulation and reporting requirements. These new and stringent demands have become a major driver for firms of all types and sizes involved in hedge fund operations, and those who ignore the implications of this do so at their peril.

Regulators have become far more stringent about the regularity and detail of the reporting they expect to see, and errors in this process can be met with more robust fines. Combined with the challenge of dealing with multiple regulatory regimes, the risks are very real.

Professionals working in fund servicing, including custody and administration, transfer agents, and COOs at investment management firms, now face a situation where their careers and professional credibility lie in the hands of regulators. To keep costs contained as much as possible, financial services firms have to address their operational environments, including the way data and reporting are managed.

This mission can be a complex and costly exercise, but convenient out of the box solutions, such as those launched by Comada this year, can help investors and hedge fund managers to meet regulatory reporting requirements, including under FATCA and AIFMD, without the cost and disruption of a major revision of compliance programmes.

Better integration, cost-effectively

Comada has long been a strong advocate of better integration of reporting processes with pricing data and transactional information. Importantly this needs to create an environment in which live data can support more comprehensive and automated reporting activity.

Comada’s M.A.T.ware technology replaces legacy services, bringing to our clients a secure Cloud-based integration platform with more flexible connectivity.

Using the technical road map we have developed, transaction and pricing data and account information can be easily harvested from disparate reporting lines and systems to build a more comprehensive picture of such critical information as dynamic cash and liquidity in alternative portfolios.

M.A.T.ware is designed to meet the complex requirements of the alternative investment industry, and supports the reporting needs of even the largest organisations, integrating and then delivering the requisite data where it is needed. This includes information that it would be difficult and costly to incorporate otherwise, but which regulators are now asking for.

As the regulatory environment becomes stricter, solutions like this will be essential for firms that wish to continue to operate cost-effectively while meeting their reporting obligations.

For further information on how Comada can support your regulatory reporting, please contact Dave Shastri (North America) – / +1 212 880 4245 or Stuart Fieldhouse (Europe) – / +44 (0) 20 7043 1480.

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