Fund of fund technology can be cost effective

May 22nd, 2012 Posted by Opinion 0 comments on “Fund of fund technology can be cost effective”

As a firm that specialises in providing technology solutions to hedge funds, we at Comada are more than aware that the fund investors we serve are seeking solutions today that will help them to run a leaner, meaner business going forward. What many funds of hedge funds still don’t realise is that Comada’s M.A.T.ware technology is eminently scalable, and can grow with their business.

Some managers won’t want our technology with all the features a bigger firm might require. Hence, we’ve now scaled our offering so that our clients can implement many of the core features of M.A.T.ware while paying an affordable monthly fee.

M.A.T.ware’s Foundation level package has been designed to suit the first-time user who wants to benefit from many of the advantages Comada’s technology offers, including its scope to make a fund of hedge funds business more efficient.

Straight out of the box

M.A.T.ware’s out-of-the-box, browser-based features allow you to access our technology wherever you go. You can also manage all your fund investments on a single screen, including hedge funds, LPs, private equity, managed accounts and ETFs, plus oversee multiple portfolios.

In addition, Foundation offers our award-winning fund of fund portfolio modelling, document management, valuation accounting and currency management facilities to help you improve your overall operational architecture.

In short, smaller investors in hedge funds, or those who would like to try out some of the basic features of our technology before making the decision to scale up, can now speedily implement M.A.T.ware in their home environment and at what we believe is a very competitive fee. If you decide you need the additional features of our Manager level package – like white labelling or referential data – it is very easy to upgrade.

To find out more about M.A.T.ware’s Foundation level package, and to arrange a demonstration of what it can do for you, please contact Comada today.