Setting a new standard for investor oversight and liquidity analysis

June 21st, 2012 Posted by Opinion 0 comments on “Setting a new standard for investor oversight and liquidity analysis”

Comada is featured this week on RFP Connect. Rupert Vaughan Williams, co-founder, was in the hot seat fielding questions on our M.A.T.ware technology.

Rupert Vaughan Williams, co-founder of Comada

Uncertainty in global financial markets has never been greater, and for institutional investors with exposure to hedge funds, there is now a more pressing need to keep close tabs on what is happening in their alternative investment portfolios, be it transparency, liquidity or investment tracking.

For investors with hedge fund portfolios, including pension funds and family offices, the right portfolio management tools—with client and service provider connectivity—can be critical to successfully navigating the financial storm. In addition, investment organisations and their service providers need operational solutions that will help them to streamline their businesses, keeping them competitive.

With this in mind, most alternative funds, including offshore investment funds, are seeking dynamic highly scalable technologies that meet newly required standards for fund investing, provide better services and mitigate various operational risks.

M.A.T.ware is the only technology platform of its kind to provide detailed transaction-based analysis of portfolios comprised of offshore funds and limited partnerships, including managed accounts, ETFs, hedge funds, private equity and multi-tiered structures.

You can read the rest of the interview here.